Agility Education Solutions

Agility Education Solutions, founded by Dr. Michael Postma, is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students identified as gifted/talented or those who are twice-exceptional (intellectually gifted students with one or more accompanying disabilities). Our goal is to serve families, assist teachers, and develop comprehensive programming in public or private educational institutions. Our gifted children are precious resources that we can no longer ignore.

See Dr. Postma’s latest book: “The Inconvenient Student: Critical Issues in the Identification and Education of Twice Exceptional Students” here:

depression in Aspergers adults

“Having worked with Michael  (Dr. Postma) extensively, I can attest to his sophisticated understanding of the issues that interplay and impact gifted and 2e children through classroom instruction, developmental issues, social/emotional issues, policy, and parenting. Michael understands what gifted/2e children need to learn, grow, and thrive.”

Dr. Daniel Peters, Clinical Psychologist, Founder, The Summit Center

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