Family Services

For the families of G/2e students, life is not always easy to navigate, especially once the child enrolls in school. Most educational institutions are either under-prepared, or not prepared at all, to handle the special needs of both the G/2e learner. For the G/2e child to experience success there are occasions that the family may need assistance from a professional(s) familiar with the inner workings of schools and the psychology of G/2e learners. If you are in need of assistance please feel free to contact Dr. Michael Postma. With over two decades of experience working with G/2e students in a variety of educational institutions, Dr. Postma can assist you with all your needs from identification through school advocacy and support. Support comes in the form of prelimary consultation (free), follow up meetings/calls, research, identification strategies, IQ and performance assessment interpretation, professional advocacy (school meetings, student intervention), individualized education planning that includes social, emotional, and academic recommendations/goals, as well as, on-going support.


Please review the following packages to see which one might fit you best:

Package A  (5-6 hour rate)                                   $400.00

This package includes preliminary consultation, two follow-up support calls, and a comprehensive individualized educational plan (including characteristics, research, intellectual assessment (IQ) interpretation, and specific individualized recommendations (academic, social & emotional) for both the home and school) for your gifted or twice-exceptional child.

Package B (Comprehensive Support Plan)          Rates vary depending on services (monthly rates available)

This package contains all of what is offered in Package B but is an ongoing support plan that can include personal intervention, attendance at IEP or 504 meetings, weekly or bi-weekly support calls, and more. Rates are negotiable based on pre-determined agreement between Agility Education Solutions and the client.