Dr. Postma offers a variety of workshops and educational sessions for School Districts, Educational Organizations, Private Business, and other educational entities.

Program Evaluation/Curriculum Development

Dr. Postma offers comprehensive Program Evaluation Packages for Schools and Districts needing to assess their services from identification procedures to appropriate curricular selection to programming.

Family Services

Dr. Postma offers educational therapy for individuals and families through coaching, counseling, advocacy services, individualized educational planning, and much more.

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Popular Workshop Offerings

  1. Critical Issues in the Identification and Education of Twice-Exceptional Students.
  2. Understanding the New Gifted Brain (and its 2e Cousin).
  3. Damaging Myths: Removing Educational Barriers for Gifted and Twice-exceptional Learners.
  4. Front Loading Instruction: The Key to Teaching a Diverse Classroom.
  5. Using Formative Assessment to Drive Instruction.


Attendee Comments

“The speakers passion for students and knowledge of teaching was both refreshing and helpful.”

-Cincinnati, 2015

Dr. Postma’s knowledge and expertise of education was very apparent.  His session regarding the needs of 2e children was both exciting and informative.”

-SENG (Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Annual Conference, 2016

“The personal stories and anecdotal examples really helped illustrate the topic (2e students) and prompted me to take a look at my own classroom tactics.”

-Critical Issues Workshop, Lexington 2016



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