This page contains information for both educators and parents working with gifted and twice-exceptional children.

I will continue to add strategies on an ongoing basis.

Strategies for 2e Learners

This section will contain both general and specific teaching strategies that apply working with 2e children.

Strategies for Gifted Learners

This section is dedicated to assisting teachers with moderately to highly gifted learners.

Parental Strategies

This section is dedicated to assisting parents of both gifted and twice-exceptional children as they traverse the educational landscape.


Teaching Strategies for the 2e Child

Teaching the twice-exceptional student can be a taxing chore. However, once you invest the time, energy, and patience into the twice-exceptional child the resulting reward can be akin to watching the butterfly emerge from the cocoon. Despite their amplifiedĀ frustrating disability(s), twice-exceptional students have immense potential and are generally highly gifted.


Strategies for Gifted Learners

Students with innate intellectual potential have the ability to learn more quickly, more deeply, and with greater intensity than the average child. The key here, however, is the term potential. Gifted students still need an empathetic teacher willing to take them on that marvelous journey. Here are a few ways to do that.

Teaching the Gifted:

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