Available Workshops/Seminars

Are you looking for staff development workshops related to your gifted or twice-exceptional population? What about the power of formative assessment, or classroom management techniques, such as effective differentiation? Drawing from his years as a former teacher and administrator in addition to his expertise on working with the G/2e population, Dr. Postma can provide comprehensive training with practical strategies that will assist your teachers on a daily basis.


Full Day Training & Parent Evening (up to 50 attendees):  $1500.00 (add $150 for each additional 10 attendees)

Half Day Workshop: $850.00

NOTE: Does not include travel expenses.

Sample Workshops/Presentation Titles:

  1. Understanding the Power of Effective Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom
  2. Critical Issues in the Identification, Assessment, and Teaching of the Twice-Exceptional Learner
  3. The G/2e Learner: Damaging Myths
  4. Understanding the Gifted Brain and How it Impacts Learning
  5. Understanding the 2e Brain and How it Impacts Learning
  6. Developing Power Standards for Effective Curricular Coverage
  7. Honors Pedagogy: What Works
  8. Living With Aspergers
  9. What’s Wrong with Perfectionism
  10. The Search for Shangri-La: A Parents Guide to Finding the Right Programming for your G/2e Child (Parental Workshop)
  11. Gifted Teacher Training 101
  12. Designing Effective Programming for G/2e Learners
  13. Understanding/Interpreting Intellectual Assessments of your G/2e Child or Student
  14. Does Response To Intervention Work for the Gifted Child?
  15. Custom Designed Workshops for your specific audience needs are also available